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Scouting Part 2

2017-06-25 22:26:30 by zelazon

A few years ago, I made a post about my standards of being scouted...

*Read them if you are not famaliar*

The three-song minimum I've established is what I feel to be a good standard for the assessment at someone's potential. When I hear a professional-sounding song, I immediately look though the artist submission to see what other song are posted. If there are many to analyze, and they have some type of definition of the artist work, then I'll consider it for scouting.

Otherwise, for many of what I hear, artist need some work at the foundation of composition in their work or have stole from other people; I will report you if I have a sense of the work being stolen.

Lastly for this post, I will send messages to those I feel are close to being at a scoutable level, but need more songs or more potential. If within the next few submission I feel that there  has been enough work put into the song, then I will grant that person a scout.

Anyway, happy crafting lol.



Still transitioning

2013-01-15 16:13:28 by zelazon

Yup... going to be moving some more lol.

There will probably be more transitioning phases with me, but I'll keep anyone who's interested up to date.

My absence...

2012-12-22 12:31:52 by zelazon

Well, I've been away for some time, and for good reason at that: I've left where I was living at to find jobs elsewhere. However, considering that I'm almost going to be let go of (the job I'm working at is cutting down on people and I just started so I'm going to be one of the ones let go of soon), I'll probably be heading back to where I used to live. If it should happen, then I might be back to song writing again.

I think I needed a long break though. I was always in the process of creating a new song before I left, and never really gave myself a break from it. I think that I'm better off doing this because it will allow me to become more creative as some of my song were starting to sound similar again, which is something I try to avoid at best.

I'll try to be back with song creation soon, but for now, I'm not sure what the future holds for me.


2012-09-30 00:29:17 by zelazon

Not sure what I'm going to be up to for the future...

Hopefully more songs.

If you want me to scout you...

2012-09-11 21:49:56 by zelazon

Firstly, please read this...

Secondly, realize that I won't approve just any work. It has to be quality work since my own scouting status is on the line. What determines good work isn't necessary what you would learn from music classes, but having a background with music will help your chances. If I personally scouted your work, then you don't need to ask if it was quality work from me.

Thirdly, I will only approve artist who have at least 3 original submission. I see a ton of artist who are qualified in making an amazing composition based off of songs from video games, but however, that isn't enough to warrant a scouting. I need to see what you can do with your own ideas.

Fourthly, I also need to see what you can do BY YOURSELF. This means any collaboration will NOT count towards the original-work prerequisite. The reason why I need this specifically is because people make better songs in groups, but when it comes to the individual, they may not be as qualified of a scouting as the group was as a whole.

Lastly, have control over the frequency in your song because the last thing I need is my hearing impaired because of bad artist trying to joke around and not take the art seriously. Don't even ask if you haven't at least worked with your song for at-least three days.

So there you have it. If you did everything on this list, then there's a pretty good chance that I will scout you.

Some bad news :(

2012-08-11 01:16:50 by zelazon

So I in my room, and I needed to go use the bathroom, and ended up tripping over and breaking my headphones (the ones I use to craft my songs) so needless to say, song production is pretty much at a very slow pace.

I'm still trying to figure out the funding for it, but with a girlfriend and only volunteer work atm, I'm stripped of cash.

Welp, that's all of my woes for now.

Request for song atm:
Abysmal Ball - Banquet
Fast Turtle -- Anamanaguchi

I'll get them finished whenever it's possible, but I'll recommend people not to hold their breath anytime soon.

Edit: Found a way to put my old headphone back to use again until I save up enough money to buy some new ones^^...

It's not completely useless lol.

Any request for songs?

2012-07-07 16:28:07 by zelazon

Anyone want me to craft a song for them that they want covered/remixed (within NG guidelines)?

Just post below with the song you wanted to be remixed/covered.

So many messages X.x

But I got them out finally... sheesh, NG really has to make a way to mass message u guys because as it is right now, having to tell all of you that I have new songs out is really tedious -.-

But yea, even though it's 2 months old, Zelazon Presents the Rise is what I think is the best at the moment... because there will be more that will be even better then it as I progress as an artist ^^.

The song I'm working on next (almost finished with) is a remix of this song: PSOBB Entry into the Crater, a VG song I'll admit, but it's really complicated for me to make... but I'm doing really well on it, so I hope u guys will enjoy the results of it :D!

Other then that, I'm going to try to do a remix of Premise if the artist gives me permission to do so...

And also, I'm up for request as well! I've been asked to do a remix of the boss theme from Final Fantasy VII, so I'll probably be working on that in the future.

But don't expects songs to come out very fast... Depending on how much work the song takes (could take from a month to 2 years depending on how perfect I want it to be)...

Otherwise... Take a look at... Nvm, still need to work on it for a bit before it's perfect -.-



2012-04-10 05:19:27 by zelazon

So... Not much going on right now...

Just working on more songs atm.

Welp, update on my life

2011-09-04 19:35:38 by zelazon

So far the studying for the LSAT has gone very well (though I could do a little better), and most of the songs I've set out to do are finished... so right now, I'm pretty much on a break from anymore song until I take my LSAT on Oct 1... Wish me luck on that xD

But because the LSAT is so close, I've pretty much had to halt all hangouts and things that I didn't think is "necessary" (video games being one of those things that are necessary so my brain doesn't explode from all of the LSAT work lol), so right now I'm just living the life of a hermit lol. It's sad because I've just recently shut off all connections with my ex, so now I'm just stuck with studying and gaming (pretty much confirming all the stereotypes of a nerd... insult me if you must, but if you need a lawyer in the future, don't look at me lol).

Otherwise, with my musical ambitions... they've kind of diminished when I wasn't picked for the NGADM, because I though I was qualified enough to participate, but I guess I'm just not popular enough yet to gain a lot of appeal with many people yet... I guess the only thing left to do is improve myself more to where people will be forced to like my songs lol.

So for now, I'm not sure when I'll create another song, but it'll definitely be sometime after Oct 1...