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Entry #11

Scouting Part 2

2017-06-25 22:26:30 by zelazon

A few years ago, I made a post about my standards of being scouted...

*Read them if you are not famaliar*

The three-song minimum I've established is what I feel to be a good standard for the assessment at someone's potential. When I hear a professional-sounding song, I immediately look though the artist submission to see what other song are posted. If there are many to analyze, and they have some type of definition of the artist work, then I'll consider it for scouting.

Otherwise, for many of what I hear, artist need some work at the foundation of composition in their work or have stole from other people; I will report you if I have a sense of the work being stolen.

Lastly for this post, I will send messages to those I feel are close to being at a scoutable level, but need more songs or more potential. If within the next few submission I feel that there  has been enough work put into the song, then I will grant that person a scout.

Anyway, happy crafting lol.




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