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Speedrunning and Why I'm not a fan

Posted by Zelazon - February 28th, 2024


One might ask this after how little effort I put into running Mega Man X2 and the results I had received from Speedruns.com.

For starters, I received Mega Man X2 on my birthday way back in either 1994 or 1995. I spent the whole year when I had time as a little kid trying to beat the game. I managed to beat it when I was really young, but I had not realized that it would be something that was long term than I had originally anticipated.

I'm sitting there in 2019 running the game on Twitch.tv, but considering that I had such an extensive history with gaming overall, burnout was just waiting around the corner. Hobbies are hobbies, but to try to find energy with game that is nearly 30 years was staring to be a problem in itself since one can only play the game so much before the passion is extinguished. Ever since getting on the board, my enthusiasm for the game had completely vanished as I was nearly under 40 minutes beating the game (I sill average around 50 mins or less today).

It's just too hard considering how each input required split-second decision making that I don't have control over anymore, and as I age, I feel like my body is unable to keep up with the expectation that younger gamers are able to hold up to.

In short, I'm just too old these days.


Honestly I don't even bother with WR attempts, but it is fun to see what your PB is. I recently learned how to ABH in Half Life 2 and even though I could never top the charts in a speedrun of that game, I have occasionally thought about seeing how fast I can personally beat it. It's about taking pride in what you alone can do without feeling like it is devalued by others. My PB in Luigi's Mansion 100% is 4 hours and that's a dogshit time but eh I'm still proud of it, first game I ever tried to speedrun.

Don't do it for glory, do it for yourself.