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Road to NGADM 2019 #1

Posted by Zelazon - April 26th, 2019

Hello Everyone!

We have lots in store for this year’s Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch, and I wanted to share some items that will be on the list of things we are planning on having for tenth anniversary:


This year, we are planning on having predictions for who will ascend past the group stage. This will be great chance for listeners to provide their input on who will make it to the top along with who else will advance.

Additionally, the winners of the predictions will receive a prize! Those who do their homework will have the best chance of predicting the advancers correctly.

@SplatterDash has been essential in getting this portion prepared as he is developing the forms on google for people to fill out as the competition progresses. Team NGADM decided on this measure as a fun way of keep engagement into the competition.


Team NGADM is excited to bring the musicians of Newgrounds to the forefront of a thoughtful and enhancing music career. One of the ways the team decided to approach the tenth anniversary was to seek out sponsor willing to endorse the competition in ways that will benefit the artist for their prospective careers.

The following are companies involved in the sponsorship of this year’s competition:

Versilian Studio (https://vis.versilstudios.com/)

Impact Soundworks (https://impactsoundworks.com/)

@etherealwinds has been key at obtaining the sponsors noted and their help is going to make certain prizes possible. We are thankful for their contributions to the competition.

Additionally, one of the things we are looking into doing is engaging labels into taking up some of the artist from the competition. One of my main beliefs with this competition is if an artist can advance to top four, then they are ready for a professional level and deserve a chance at being signed by a label. This goal has not been met, but if there’s anyone who is experienced in contacting labels, please PM me.


Some of the awesome prizes we are going to see this year. This includes the following:

Newgrounds Credits

Advertisement Space

Versilian Studio VSTs

Impact Soundworks VSTs

Choice of Selected Games

and more!

Additionally, I will be reaching into my own pockets to donate to the prize pool with an amount that will be shared upon the starting date of the competition. You can expect that the amounts are going to be amazing.


@WillKMR has agreed to provide interviews for the winners of the contest. Through the official Newgrounds podcast, this will give the winners a chance to interview on their work and have audiences listens to samples of their music. We, at the team, are excited to see this point come through as it will give the artist extra exposure they deserve after this competition.


Currently, we are full on primary judges, but we only have two backup judges. If there is anyone who would like to volunteer as a backup, please PM me.

Special thanks to @TomFulp for allowing sponsors, donating NG credits to the competition, and allowing this long-standing competition to continue.

Look forward to June 17!

If you have any suggestions, please visit the following link to provide input: